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I have been very pleased with how things have gone and it has been great to work with you. You have been very professional and diligent with our mutual interests and done everything you said you were going to do. (Likewise people you have introduced into the deal). That is the way I strive to conduct my businesses too and it is very refreshing to find someone who actually does what they say they will do and keeps on top of things. A lot of people I come across in business are so full of BS.

The figures are already stacking up better then you originally forecast.I’m looking forward to the next two properties we have just taken on, and to a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Sean H, Hands-free Investor, Germany

Alex has achieved considerable success already and has shown that he has an excellent understanding of the property market. He used his initial capital to ensure that his business had a sound base from which to expand and quickly recognised the importance of bringing in additional skills and expertise. Alex impressed us with his positive attitude, a willingness to meet challenges head on and his determination to succeed. He has also seen the importance of thinking strategically rather than focusing too much on short term operational issues. His entrepreneurial approach should ensure that the business continues to develop and grow.

Institute of Directors (IOD), Judging Panel for the ‘Director of the Year’ Awards 2014. Alex was ‘Highly Commended’

I have loaned a total of £223,000 to Alex Szepietowski in 2013 and 2014 in the form of bridging loans for property development. All payments of interest and repayments of capital have been made on time and in full. I have found Alex to be a very straightforward and trustworthy client and would not hesitate to do business with him in the future.


Working with Alex, as his property mentor from his initial start-up through the purchase of his first 3 HMO properties, has been an absolute pleasure.

He is one of the most determined, dedicated and focused individuals I have worked with. His work ethic, determination and tenacity are of the highest level.

Through 2013, he has achieved amazing results and has gained tremendous amounts of knowledge and experience along the way. I have no doubt that he will go on to create much greater results for both himself and any investor who works with him.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to ethically invest in property and who is looking for an honest, genuine, dedicated investor to work with.

Roy Inman, Property Investor & Mentor, Manchester

Alex is one of the most approachable and helpful people I’ve met from the world of property. With his equally dynamic partner Katrina, they make a great team. You can’t fail to be inspired to act when you meet either of them. It’s always a pleasure being in their company, and they set the standard for everyone else to aspire to.

Jeff Laming, Property Investor, Horsham

Alex is a focused, committed investor and business owner who successfully sets goals and achieves them. He is also a great person to know and to work with, which is a pleasure for me to do.
If you need something achieving then Alex is the right person to ask.

Chris Fordy, Business Owner & Property Investor Network Host, York

Alex has the most admirable outlook on life and I know few people who are as passionate about their work as he is. If you know his life story and the adversities he managed to overcome, you cannot help but believe in the abilities of this man. His energy and enthusiasm are downright contagious.

Conrad Greiner-Bechert, Entrepreneur, USA

Following some post networking conversations, and a perusal of Alex’s website I became fascinated with the story of how he came to be the man he is today. When we finally sat down and shared a coffee (or peppermint tea as I recall) I quickly realised that Alex’s knowledge of the property market is vast, and his attitude to love, life and the rest of things is definitely something to admire.

I asked Alex to speak with my mother, who has some investments in property over in the USA. She was looking to maximise the return on her investment, and I thought she would benefit from a conversation.

Alex and my dear mother had a meeting via Skype to which her response was… well, to tell you the truth, she was so amazingly grateful of Alex’s guidance and direction that I couldn’t get her off the phone for about an hour!

So there you have it…. Nothing short of a property guru and pleaser of mature ladies.

I would not hesitate to put Alex in touch with any of my friends, family, colleagues and clients. As I would hope the recommendation to one of the most important people to me clearly demonstrates.

Michael Manaley, Business Development, Harrogate

Alex and Katrina are dedicated to their business. They are hard working, determined, and diligent in the achievement of their goals.

They always have a positive attitude and as a result have made many friends. They are a couple to watch and are definitely leading lights.

Ria Said, Property Investor, Essex