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Why property?

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Over the last 80 years, property values have increased by 7.9% per annum (Land Registry data).

Even from 2000-2010, house prices increased every single year except 2008 & 2009 (total drop 8.4%), and over they decade they still doubled!

Value growth is likely to continue due to the normal laws of demand and supply – UK property is a limited resource, and the population is growing.

The government forecasts say property will continues to rise at previous rates over the long term.

The Government is actively attempting to kickstart the UK property market as it is a fundamental part of our economy.

… Everyone knows that property is a great investment in the long term. If you buy right, the house pays for itself in the short term, and you make large lumps of capital growth as the house prices increase.

However, purchasing an investment property based purely on future capital appreciation is an outdated strategy, and not basing your investment upon substantial monthly cashflow is amateur.

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